TFT’s biggest change to Hero Augments will alleviate player concerns in Patch 13.3

You can't say Mort wasn't listening...

Riot Games’ autobattler Teamfight Tactics has had a reputation for having a responsive developer team. And now, a massive change coming in the game’s next patch has re-emphasized that truth.

Hero Augments have been a pain point for players in what has been an otherwise well-received Set Eight of TFT. Even though every unit in the game has two Hero Augmentsa “carry” version and a “support” versionplayers often feel forced to invest in a certain unit or keep it on their board when they either don’t want to or can’t tell just how much they’d be losing by taking it out of their composition in the late game.

And with only one reroll to share between all three augment selection stages, there isn’t a lot of wiggle room. But a lot of the uncertainty and stress around Hero Augments should be alleviated with a change coming to the game in its next patch.

Perhaps even more significantly, game designer Stephen Mortdog Mortimer went on in his thread today to say that the four rerolls for Hero Augments are only for Hero Augmentsmeaning that players can use all four without fear of impacting the number of rerolls they’d have for normal augments either before or after the fact.

Additionally, Mort clarified that despite the reroll changes, other aspects of the system will remain the same. Hero Augments on stage 2-1 will still be fully random, and at stages 3-2 and 4-2, they will still be tailored to what you have accumulated up to that point.

The community had expressed its frustrations about how the system’s inherent limiting of compositional flexibility was too damaging in comparison to its “fail safes.” Hero Augments aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but given that there are over 100 of them, being able to now see up to 15 of them with minimal risk will be a well-received change.

Patch 13.3 is scheduled to hit TFT’s live servers next Wednesday, Feb. 8.

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