TFT Zippy, Sohm, and Terra spice up Dragon in Set 7.5 Uncharted Realms

Take advantage of new dragons at tiers three, four, and five.

Riot Games went all-in on dragons for Dragonlands Uncharted Realms Set 7.5, expanding tiers, reducing cost, and even creating a brand new model for Teamfight Tactics

The Dragon trait is getting a huge rework in TFT Set 7.5, scheduled to release on Sept. 8. Players can put up to five dragons on the battlefield, with Dragon being a vertical trait due to the design team removing the one dragon stipulation. Dragons have new costs, ranging from six to eight gold, and there are now 12 dragons. Three new dragons, Zippy, Sohm, and Terra, will each have their own unique imprint on the TFT Set 7.5 meta.

Zippy TFT Set 7.5

Similar to Nomsy, Zippy is a tier-three dragon with an Origin of Guild. Upon entering the battlefield Zippy applies plus-three Guild, in which there are eight Guild bonuses. Zippy adds a bonus of armor and magic resistance while immediately increasing the Guild bonus to 140 percent.

Zippy is an AD dragon that rolls around the board with their Somersault Assault ability. Upon casting, Zippy shields himself for three seconds and rolls towards the highest percent health enemy, dealing attack damage as physical damage and knocking the unit back slightly. 

Sohm TFT Set 7.5

Sohm is a tier-four dragon that showcases a brand new model in TFT that works in conjunction with the Lagoon trait. The new vertical trait grants its units bonus ability power and attack speed while rewarding players with loot based on the number of casts from all Lagoon champions. As an AP carry, the Lagoon trait synergizes well with Sohm. 

The four-cost dragon has a spell called Tideblossom, which sends out a tide to mark a target and deal magic damage to it while also dealing damage to enemies hit on the way. After Sohm casts three times, the next cast summons a vortex under each ally marked with a Tideblossom, dealing damage to all enemies in the area. 

Terra TFT Set 7.5

Terra is the only new tier-five dragon that has their own unique trait called Monolith. Terra creates three Hexes on the board upon entering the battlefield through their Monolith trait. Units standing in those Hexes at the start of combat gain damage reduction.

Scaling with armor and magic resistance, Terra’s ability has them cause an earthquake around them, dealing physical damage. And once the earthquake is over, Terra’s scales harden for eight seconds, granting armor and magic resistance. 

Players can test out all three new TFT Set 7.5 Dragons through PBE testing on Aug. 24 or when Dragonlands Uncharted Realms officially launches on Sept. 8. 

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