TFT Sy’fen and Shi Oh Yu nerfs may open up Set 7 meta

Get ready for a wild west meta.

All of the Teamfight Tactics balance changes taking place in the Set Seven Patch 12.13 were revealed today by game design director Stephen Mortdog Mortimer and game designer Kent Riot Kent Wu during the Patch Rundown, showcasing nerfs to Sy’fen and Shi Oh Yu, along with buffs to AP carriers and an Aurelion Sol rework

Scheduled to release on July 13, TFT Set Seven Patch 12.13 aims to tone down the overpowered champions and traits while giving ability power comps and carriers a boost within the Dragonlands meta. Two of the most overpowered champions during Patch 12.12 were Sy’fen and Shi Oh Yu, but both dragons are getting hit with nerfs that were revealed this morning during the TFT Set Seven 12.13 Patch Rundown

Sy’fen was designed to have a charge that disrupts enemy clumps and a bite that deals massive amounts of damage, according to Mortdog. The charge was putting out above intended damage in conjunction with Whispers AD stacks. Patch 12.13 nerfs Sy’fen’s charge significantly from 225/235/500 to 150/150/300 percent. No changes were made to the bite from Sy’fen. 

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Similar to Sy’fen, Shi Oh Yu was tearing up board states with their powerful spell combo and crowd control. The TFT team lowered the damage of the spell combo at one and two-star from 325/350 to 265/275 while also nerfing the Jade dragon’s stun to 1.25 seconds. 

Daeja had their wave buffed by 25 across star levels while the auto attacks were decreased by 25 across star levels. Shyvana had her spell buffed, creating an opportunity to use her as an AP carry. And Aurelion Sol returns to the meta with a major rework. 

In conjunction with the Aurelion Sol rework, Lillia was buffed significantly at one and two-star. Vladimir and Nami were also buffed within the AP tree. And Hecarim was given a mana buff that will allow the Cavalier a better shot at casting twice.

Champions like Swain, Varus, Corki, and Xayah had their attack speed slightly nerfed. Swain was also hit with an HP nerf while Volibear was nerfed at one and two-star. Volibear three-star, however, was buffed. Nomsy got a slight rework, improving their Fireball damage, along with improving gameplay with Trainer three. And five-cost champions like Zoe, Pyke, and Soraka were slightly buffed to balance out late-game strategies. 

The Patch 12.13 notes will officially be released around 1pm CT today and the TFT Set Seven update will hit the live servers on July 13. 

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