TFT Star Guardian and Mech return to Set 8, along with new customizable trait

Customize your team and champions to thrash opponents.

Riot Games is bringing back two beloved Teamfight Tactics traits within Set Eight Monsters Attack!, showcasing a few changes from their Galaxies counterparts and a whole new trait that allows players to choose how it works. 

Releasing on the PBE servers on Nov. 15, TFT Set Eight will feature a new way to play the autobattler. From a change in how Augments interact to champion interactions, the Monsters Attack! set is all about heroes and villains. Riot released snippets of what Set Eight will look like today through a dev video, hosted by game design director Stephen Mortdog Mortimer 

Returning as traits within Set Eight are Mech and Star Guardian, originally from the Galaxies set. Similar to Galaxies, Star Guardians interact with mana. But they won’t give that mana to each other. Star Guardians will instead generate mana at each breakpoint, a mechanic that was used within Dragonlands. As the breakpoints increase for Star Guardians, so do the speed of their spells.

Mech will also return to TFT in Set Eight. No details surrounding the trait have been released at time of writing. But players can rejoice over a new trait called A.D.M.I.N. This Set Eight trait allows players to customize the trait however they want. 

The A.D.M.I.N.trait contains a total of seven Causes and Effects. Players pair the Causes and Effects to make the trait perform how they want. A.D.M.I.N., for example, can get used as an econ trait by combining “At the start of combat” with “trigger a chance to drop gold,” according to Mortdog. 

Other traits coming to TFT Set Eight include Threat, showcasing Rammus. The Anima Squad trait, led by Nasus, showcases units that pose upon taking down an enemy to gain a stack of Fame that pumps ability power and attack damage. And Aphelios runs his own trait through the trait Ox Force and Aphelios’ custom trait Arsenal. The customized trait allows Aphelios to swap weapons, changing his ability.

And Underground heroes are constantly attempting a heist, gaining progress toward achieving that heist through wins and losses. One progress point is awarded for a win and two for a loss. Upon reaching seven, an Armory appears that offers Heist rewards. The more progress points that are earned, the larger the rewards become. 

Players can test out all the new and returning TFT traits with the release of Set Eight through the PBE servers on Nov. 15. The official launch will take place in early December. 

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