TFT Set 8 PBE patch targets Hero Augments and traits in final update of week one testing

Changes should shift the Set Eight meta into a reasonable state over the weekend.

A large PBE patch for Teamfight Tactics Set 8 will ship today, focusing on Hero Augments, champions, and traits while letting the meta settle over the weekend

A final TFT Set 8 PBE patch for the first week of testing will go live today around 2pm CT. The update hits seven of the new Monsters Attack! traits, with multiple adjustments for the A.D.M.I.N. trait. Over a dozen Hero Augments were also targeted, from carry to support, along with 15 individual champion balance changes. No other updates are scheduled to take place until Nov. 22, according to game director Stephen Mortdog Mortimer. 

Anima Squad players will no longer earn fame for their Set Eight champions during PvE rounds, and units will no longer gain fame from Target Dummies. The Drone pass-off time for the Lasercorps trait was changed from one second to instantaneously. Mech health transfer dropped from 110 to 100 percent and Spellslinger received an additional breakpoint at eight, providing 150 AP and 200 percent comet damage. 

Sivir, who has the best flavor text Hero Augment in TFT Set Eight, had her Delivery Tips adjusted so that with every two ability casts, your strongest Sivir drops one gold with a five percent chance to drop one extra gold. Yuumi and Ekko both had updated text added to their Hero Augments as well. 

Jax had his support dodge time reduced from 2.5 seconds to two. Zed had his carry Hero Augment buffed for bonus AD percent and percent of attack damage steal. And a bug that was affecting Kai’Sa’s attack speed with her Multi-Shot Augment has been resolved. 

Players can continue to test out all the new TFT Set Eight changes throughout the weekend while also catching the final competitive games of the Dragonlands set at TFT Worlds. The official launch for Monsters Attack! is scheduled to take place on Dec. 7. 

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