TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack! powers up heroes to battle Kaiju

Focus on heroes over teams.

Riot Games will shift gameplay styles within Teamfight Tactics for Set Eight Monsters Attack!, featuring heroes who battle against Kaiju monsters.

Scheduled to release into PBE testing on Nov. 15, TFT Monsters Attack! will feature a new form of autobattler gameplay. Players will put together a team of heroes, fighting against Kaiju-scaled invaders. Riot introduced the Monsters Attack! Set today through a dev drop, showcasing strategies and changes to the typical TFT gameplay players were used to in Dragonlands.  

Set Eight, Monsters Attack!, contains similarities to Set Seven and 7.5from upgrading champions and strategic positioning on the board to using Augments to power up your heroes. But the new Set also has some major differences, from the art to a shift in some core gameplay mechanics. 

A new trait called the Threat trait contains units that don’t benefit from synergies with others and have no individual traits of their own. These Threat units are extra powerful, with players having the option to include any number of them on their team. 

Augments will remain in Set Eight but are different in Monsters Attack!, featuring Hero Augments that focus on a unit rather than the team as a whole. There are a wide number of Hero Augments that players can choose from, beefing up their carry. PvE rounds are also slightly different, having new battles that take place. And the enemies drop anvils, containing an item or a component. 

Players can give Monsters Attack! a run to test its worth on Nov. 15 when TFT Set Eight goes live on the PBE servers. A full release is slated to take place sometime in early December. Gameplay for Teamfight Tactics Set Eight is available on PC, iOS, and Android. There is also cross-play, cross-progression, and co-op between all platforms.

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