TFT Set 8 Boss Battles replace Treasure Dragon

The longer you live, the more items there are available to use in late-game comps.

A change in location from Dragonlands to Monsters Attack! has led to new PvE battles in Teamfight Tactics for Set Eight, replacing Treasure Dragons with Boss Battles. 

Starting in TFT Set Eight, which is scheduled to officially release on Dec. 7, players will acquire items and components through Boss Battles instead of Treasure Dragons. A PvE Treasure Dragon round took place during Stage 4-7 throughout Set Seven and 7.5. The Treasure Dragon provided players with late-game items, components, and gold in an attempt to improve late-game comps. 

During Set Eight, Stage 4-7 will now showcase a Boss Battle that drops a new component Anvil. The component Anvil works similarly to Tomb of Traits in that players will need to sell the Anvil to have an Armory appear, prompting players with three component choices to choose from. 

Battle Bosses will also occur at Stages 5-7 and 6-7, dropping a full item Anvil instead of a component Anvil. Upon selling the Anvil and opening the Armory, players can choose from one of five items. 

Items in TFT Set Eight have undergone a few changes, from Glove no longer having dodge to a new item called Guardbreaker. Champion abilities can also no longer critical strike without help, while the overall power levels of items have been diminished slightly and the power levels of champions themselves have increased. 

Players can test out how the new Boss Battles feel at Stages 4-7, 5-7, and 6-7 during PBE testing of TFT Set Eight that starts on Nov. 15. An official release for Monsters Attack! will take place on Dec. 7. 

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