TFT Set 8.5 PBE patch buffs Quickdraw, adjusts Riftwalker Zac, and nerfs Pyke’s dash

No major balance changes are expected to take place for the rest of the week.

Eight days remain before Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5 launches and a large number of balance changes were dropped in today’s PBE patch. 

Riot Games is getting ready for the official launch of TFT Set 8.5 Glitched Out!, dropping a big PBE patch with a focus on champions, traits, and Hero Augments. No major changes are slated to take place the rest of the week as the team plans to let the meta settle prior to the launch that is taking place through Patch 13.6, according to game designer Stephen Mortdog Mortimer.

Large champion TFT Set 8.5 changes

A significant buff was applied to Ashe, increasing her spell bonus attack damage to 60 percentup 20 percent from where it was. Pyke has taken over the TFT Set 8.5 meta as one of the stronger champions. Today’s PBE changes should tone the Riftwalker and Hacker down some.

  • Pyke: Spell stab damage buffed from 120/180/280 to 140/210/325
  • Pyke: Spell dash damage nerfed from 120/180/280 to 70/105/165

Twisted Fate was buffed at three-star along with Warwick while Janna’s three-star spell damage was nerfed, along with Aatrox’s HP upon transformation. And Kai’Sa will now benefit from the Quickdraw trait prior to casting her spell once. 

Large trait TFT Set 8.5 changes

The ADMIN trait is getting another round of adjustments prior to the launch of TFT Set 8.5, this time focusing on all of the “causes.” Most of the changes are minor, tweaking health gained from various causes, along with healing, attack damage, ability power, and attack speed. 

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Zac in the Riftwalker trait is getting a slight rework with the current unit giving Zac a trait getting prioritized when “breaking ties for equidistant units,” according to Mortdog. Stats were also adjusted for Zac, reducing the base health from 700 to 175 and base attack damage from 50 to 12. Scaling per star level was buffed to compensate for the other changes, increasing from 25 to 150 percent. Compared to the previous balancing of Zac, players will see a decrease in power up to a star level of six and then see an increase in health and attack damage. 

Quickdraw was buffed at all three breakpoints, increasing bonus damage from 50/90/140 to 55/115/175 percent. Ox Force had its armor and magic resistance nerfed to 10/40/90 and the Prankster trait was hit with a health nerf at the breakpoint of four, along with a slight stun nerf. 

Large Augment TFT Set 8.5 changes

All of the PBE Augment changes were focused on Hero Augments, except for a change to Duelist Crown that now grants the item Hand of Justice instead of Edge of Night. The bonus speed for Kayle’s Hero Augment (carry) had its attack speed nerfed from 50 to 40 percent and both Hero Augments for Morgana were buffed. 

Lucian’s support Hero Augment was updated to work on champion abilities that trigger attack effects while the ability power was increased from 10 to 20. Jhin’s carry Augment was also updated to drop gold from the strongest Jhin’s takedowns, along with an item chance reduction and a Stage three gold reduction. 

Today’s PBE patch for TFT Set 8.5 will drop around 2pm CT. This is likely the last major update during testing. The official launch of Set 8.5 Glitched Out! will take place through Patch 13.6 on March 22.

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