TFT Set 8.5 boots 15 champions, 2 traits through Mid-Set update

Say farewell to these champions and traits.

Interdimensional rifts are shifting the Teamfight Tactics meta for Set 8.5, resulting in a total of 15 champions and two traits that aren’t getting carried over into the Mid-Set update.

Every three months Riot Games changes the landscape of TFT with a Mid-Set update. Set 8.5 Glitched Out! is the second half of Monsters Attack!, showcasing champions and traits from other dimensions. There are a total of 14 new champions and four new traits within Set 8.5, bumping out 15 Set Eight champions and two traits.

All TFT Set 8 traits and champions leaving through the Mid-Set update

Image via Riot Games

There are three TFT Set Eight traits getting removed through the Set 8.5 Mid-Set update: Recon and Civilian. Both traits had an impact on Monsters Attack! but as support traits and not verticle ones. The other trait getting booted from Set 8.5 is the Arsenal trait, unique to only Aphelios. 

Most of the champions bidding farewell for the Mid-set update were primary carriers during TFT Set Eight. Of the 15 champions getting removed, six are four-cost units. 

  • Galio: One-cost Civilian and Mascot
  • Talon: One-cost Ox Force and Renegade
  • Sivir: Two-cost Civilian and Sureshot
  • Yuumi: Two-cost Star Guardian, Mascot, and Heart
  • Cho’Gath: Three-cost Threat
  • Senna: Three-cost LaserCorps and Sureshot
  • Vel’Koz: Three-cost Threat
  • Zoe: Three-cost Gadgeteen, Prankster, and Hacker
  • Sett: Four-cost MechaPrime and Defender
  • Sejuani: Four-cost LaserCorps and Brawler
  • Soraka: Four-cost ADMIN and Heart
  • Taliyah: Four-cost Star Guardian and Spellslinger
  • Zac: Four-cost Threat
  • Zed: Four-cost LaserCorps, Duelist, and Hacker
  • Aphelios: Five-cost Ox Force, Sureshot, and Arsenal

Zac is no longer a four-cost unit in Set 8.5 but the champion is still playable through the new Riftwalker trait, teleporting the former four-cost Threat unit back into combat through a gap in dimensions.

Not every primary carrier from Set Eight got booted with the Mid-Set update. Samira will stick around for Set 8.5 with her original traits, along with Viego, who has gained the Heart trait in addition to Ox Force and Renegade. 

Players can test out the TFT Set 8.5 meta through PBE servers starting on March 8. The official launch of Glitched Out! will take place on March 22 through Patch 13.6. 

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