TFT Set 7 NA Astral Cup: Standings, format, and updates

Watch the Dragonlands tournament meta unfold.

Based on ladder Rank within Teamfight Tactics Set Seven, 160 North American players began their run towards Dragonlands Worlds.

Slated as the first official competitive tournament of TFT Set Seven in the North American region, organized gameplay was broken up into four days and two weekends. Additional tournament days were added to the Cup tournaments within the NA Dragonlands roadmap, providing more opportunities to players. Each player qualified to compete in the Cup tournaments is eligible to earn Qualifying Points that can turn into invites to the Mid-Set Finale and Regional Finals. 

Bonus points were also added to the format, rewarding players who make the cuts each day. Similar to Set Six, there are three Cup tournaments throughout the Dragonlands set for NA players. The Mid-Set Finale is scheduled to take place from Aug. 19 to 21.

July 1 to 2 Astral Cup standings

Players who ranked at the top 32 of the Dragonlands ladder were given a bye to the second weekend of the TFT Set Seven Astral Cup. The remaining 128 competed from July 1 to 2, with the top 32 from that group advancing to the second weekend.  No official broadcast was scheduled for the first weekend of the NA Astral Cup tournament.

Here are the top 32 TFT players who advanced to the second half of the NA Astral Cup tournament from July 9 to 10, according to Wisdom.

  • Dace: 43 points
  • Xenophyr: 37 points
  • BBEAR DOTA: 37 points
  • Nugetv: 36 points
  • Bullettrain69: 36 points
  • rayditz: 36 points
  • Phoenixaa: 35 points
  • mD PockyGom: 35 points
  • NG bossoskills: 35 points
  • Broccóli: 35 points
  • m00jo: 34 points
  • TTV EMITWOHS: 34 points
  • itsDinodan: 33 points
  • Kranos: 33 points
  • Parval: 33 points
  • within: 33 points
  • Velayy: 33 points
  • IGORblonded: 32 points
  • Kyivix: 32 points
  • milala: 32 points
  • FingerLicker: 32 points
  • Yiggles: 31 points
  • Stellar Minhee: 31 points
  • VanillaXD: 31 points
  • Luqun: 31 points
  • ttv Clazzicola: 30 points
  • lil kahuna: 30 points
  • deeekayy: 30 points
  • Clear: 29 points
  • Cottontail: 29 points
  • Live for the day: 28 points
  • mD Bepo: 27 points
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