TFT Set 7 EMEA Golden Spatula Cup 1: Standings, format, and updates

The tournament path to TFT Worlds in the EMEA region begins with the first Golden Spatula Cup.

Competitive Teamfight Tactics gameplay launched into action with the final days of the first Golden Spatula Cup of the EMEA Set Seven Dragonlands season.

Placement and tournament points matter at the Golden Spatula Cups throughout Set Seven, with both a title win and Spatula points providing EMEA players an invite to the Dragonlands Regional Finals scheduled to take place from Oct. 21 to 23. All rounds during the Golden Spatula Cup were played on the 12.12 B-patch.

The chances to compete in high-level organized play TFT tournaments for players in the EMEA region increased with the release of Set Seven. Qualifiers for the Golden Spatula Cups returned for the Dragonlands season, featuring a new lottery invite system based on ladder Rank. A total of 512 players competed from July 2 to 4, with 32 advancing to the first official Golden Spatula Cup on the TFT Set Seven Dragonlands season. 

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Here are the 32 TFT players who advanced to the Golden Spatula Cup from the qualifiers:

Image via Rising Legends and Riot Image via Rising Legends and Riot

July 8 EMEA Golden Spatula Cup 1 standings

Scheduled to run from July 8 to 10, 128 players began day one of the Golden Spatula Cup. Only 64 players advanced to the second day of competition after six rounds. At the top of the day one leaderboard were veterans like Ginggg and Voltariux, along with players like Un33d and Salvyyy.

Here were the 64 EMEA players who advanced to day two:


July 9 EMEA Golden Spatula Cup 1 standings

A total of six rounds were played during the second day of the Golden Spatula Cup, with 16 TFT players advancing to the final day of competition. 

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