TFT Set 7.5 shakes up Draconic Augments, adds new fun features

Ridiculously strong augments are fun, right?

Teamfight Tactics mid set, 7.5, brings new Draconic Augments to the board, including some exciting changes to the Thief’s Gloves. Some new augments will center around the latest traits added while others will evolve around general statistics. But, only a handful particularly stand out. 

Lucky gloves

The favored sibling of the Thiefs Gloves comes to TFT. This new augment grants one pair of the known item to the player, but the catch is that the Thiefs Gloves will always grant the bearer items that they can use well. Tank items to forefront champions and items that grant AP and mana to mages are only two of the fortunate possibilities players will get with this augment. In the Public Beta Environment (PBE), lucky Gloves is a golden augment, however, it might be elevated to prismatic as even Riot Games believes this augment is ridiculously strong, as stated in the pre-release presentation. 

Scoped Weapons (II&I)

This augment its like nothing TFT players have seen before. Scoped Weapons will grant any units on the board that are placed in the back two rows infinite attack range and 25 percent attack speed. By picking this new augment, players can potentially transform any champion into a ranged champion, with infinite combo possibilities on the board, including a ranged full-attack speed Braum. 

Protectors of the cosmos

This augment might potentially be the most fun addition to the set and might grant an easy scaling composition to any player who wants to build a full Astral composition. By choosing Protector of the Cosmos, players champions will be granted a 30 health shield for every item component equipped on an astral champion. Even if this might not sound as appealing as other team bonuses, the situation changes by doing a simple math equation. 

If a player chooses Protector of the cosmos, has nine Astral champions on the board, and every single one of them is equipped with three full items, they would also be granted an extra 1,620 health in shield thanks to the augment. Of course, it is near impossible to fully equip a nine-unit board, still with a board full of Astral champions, TFT players will obtain some extra defenses thanks to the Protectors of the cosmos augment. 

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