TFT Set 7.5 replaces Frozen Heart with Fimbulwinter

An Op item replaced with another op item.

Riot Games is replacing Teamfight Tactics item Frozen heart with Fimbulwinter. While the name of the new item is still yet to be confirmed and might change in the next few micro patches, the TFT devs are set to give the old tank item a new purpose in Set 7.5.

The new item will grant the bearer 20 armor and 30 mana as well as 15 bonus mana at the beginning of each round. Once per combat, when the bearers health drops to 50 percent, Fimbulwinter will grant a 30 percent maximum health shield that lasts up to three seconds. The shield will also extend to allies within three hexes, granting them additional 20 attack damage and ability power for the rest of combat.

Image via Riot Games

The soon-to-be-replaced Frozen Heart granted 20 armor and 15 starting mana, but, unlike Fimbulwinter, the passive focused on reducing the attack speed of enemies around the bearer. Although the two items seem to have few characteristics in common, its highly probable that they will be used by TFT players in a similar way. In fact, according to Riot, Fimbulwinter is best used on frontline champions or assassins, giving a bit of extra survivability and power to nearby allies. 
The new item will be tested by Public Beta Environment (PBE) players first starting Aug. 23 and will become available to all TFT players with Patch 12.17 on Sept. 8.

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