TFT Set 7.5 PBE patch gives Lee Sin new ability, buffs and nerfs carriers

Changes continue heading into the first weekend of testing.

The second day of Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5 PBE testing has led to more balance patches, featuring a new ability for Lee Sin, buffs to four-cost carriers, and a Lux nerf. 

Balance adjustments continue heading into the first weekend of PBE testing for TFT Set 7.5, scheduled to launch on Sept. 8. Support carriers and primary carriers were the focus of today’s Dragonlands Uncharted Realms PBE patch, along with traits like Astral, Darkflight, and Tempest. All balance changes for Aug. 25 are scheduled to go live around 2pm CT, according to game design director  Stephen Mortdog Mortimer. 

Lee Sin was given a new ability that applies a 40 percent magic resistance reduction to units kicked by him for five seconds. His spell damage was reduced with the change to 250/325/425 and Lee Sin will shred his targets’ magic resistance before applying damage. 

The Tempest trait was given a slight rework, removing attack speed. Tempest units will instead gain increased damage output following a lightning strike. The new damage amplification for Tempest is 10/20/40/60 percent. Set 7.5 reworked the Astral trait, making it more of an economy vertical as opposed to a reroll trait. The economy provided was too good, though, resulting in an increased star amount needed for higher quality Astral orbs. 

Terra, the new tier-five dragon, was given a mana adjustment from 40/80 to 30/70. The new tier-four Lagoon dragon, Sohm, had their base and burst damage buffed. Buffs were also applied to Jayce’s first and second casts, and Nomsy had their targeting adjusted, picking two random targets and firing at the one with a larger clump. 

Lux has been a standout carry since the launch of  TFT Set 7.5 on the PBE servers, resulting in a nerf to her primary and secondary damage. Champions like Rengar, Zac, Rell, and Graves were also nerfed. 

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