TFT roadmap spills the beans about possible League of Legends reworks

Imagine if this was true.

On Nov. 1, Riot Games shared an extensive road map with the Teamfight Tactics community discussing the ins and outs of what the future holds for the game. In the video, Riot Games announced its upcoming set, Monsters Attack! But during a short clip of the set, the devs potentially also revealed the next League of Legends rework.

The star of the show in the short clip showcasing the upcoming TFT set was ChoGath. Normally, Riot would use the default or any other skin that fits the theme, but with ChoGath, the devs showed a new and improved version of the champion. 

The concept art was originally made by a concept artist working at Riot Games back in 2018. 

Since Riot also hinted at Caitlyns update in its TFT news video and League and TFT function on the same engine, it would be an understatement that the League community got fired up about the possible rework.

Unfortunately, the artist himself, Taylor Medaforcer Jensen, replied to the hype surrounding the possible ChoGath update saying that, as far as hes aware, Riot has no plans to use the concept art in the near future.

Since ChoGaths model and spell effects are outdated, and the champion desperately needs love, were all hoping that Medaforcers tweet will be far from the truth and well see an updated top lane monster soon.

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