TFT Patch 13.4 will bedazzle Tacticians with Chibi Ahri Star Guardian drop

Win combat rounds and consume the souls of Little Legends with Ahri.

Ahri will join the Teamfight Tactics Chibi Champion roster through Patch 13.4, showcasing a regular and Star Guardian version of the little fox. 

Players won’t have to wait for the TFT Set Eight Mid-Set update to add another Chibi Champion to their roster. Scheduled to release on Feb. 23, Patch 13.4 will feature Chibi Ahri. The Tactician comes in two versions, regular and Star Guardian. Ahri also has an elimination scene that blasts an opponent’s Chibi Champion or Little Legend into the abyss of the convergence. Each of Ahri’s actions was revealed by Riot on Twitter today, showcasing both versions.

Ahri as a Chibi Champion will join Annie, Ashe, Ekko, Jinx, Lee Sin, Lux, Vi, and Yasuo. The regular version of Chibi Ahri will be available for 1,900 RP. There are also Opulent Jewel bundles that players can purchase in hopes of cracking a Star Guardian version. 

In addition to Ahri dropping into TFT, other big changes are slated to take place as well. Game designer Stephen Mortdog Mortimer has been dropping changes to look forward to on his Twitter

Reveals have ranged from the removal of Spring Loaded Rapid Firecannon through the Gadgeteen trait in exchange for Titan’s Resolve to a large number of balance changes within TFT Set Eight Hero Augments

Players can test out all the TFT Set Eight Patch 13.4 changes on the PBE server and purchase the new Chibi Ahri as well. 

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