TFT Patch 13.10 notes: Meta tweaks, Treasure, and Mecha Bounty

Minor balance adjustments secure meta for TFT Worlds.

Riot Games has locked in the Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5 meta for Worlds through Patch 13.10, along with cosmetic upgrades to the shop and new bounties. 

The end of Set Eight/8.5 is close, with Patch 13.10 providing the final balance adjustments to the meta for the TFT Monsters’ Attack World Championship that will take place from May 26 to 28. Prior to Worlds, a Western Last Chance Qualifier is scheduled for May 20. Patch 13.10 also launches the new Treasure Realms cosmetic system within the TFT store, featuring a limited-time Mecha Prime Zero Bounty. And Portals in Normals received new drop options and chances of appearing. 

Here are the full TFT Patch 13.10 notes

Mecha Prime Zero Bounty

The Mecha Prime Zero Bounty launches with the release of Patch 13.10 on the live servers on May 17 and will run through Patch 13.12. It is a limited-time Bounty that is featured through the new TFT Treasure Realms cosmetic system. 

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Players can access the Treasure Realm system around 24 hours after Patch 13.10 launches. The Mecha Prime Zero Bounty features the highly anticipated Mecha Prime Arena, which is classified as Star Content and has a one percent drop rate. Other loot bounties players may unlock include previously rotated TFT Pass-Plus items and new content. 

  • Star Content: Mecha Prime Zero Arena with a one percent drop rate
  • Highlighted content: Overcharged Superlaser boom, Astronaut Molediver, UFO Sprite, and new Little Legends variants with a 15 percent drop rate
  • Standard content: Super Crash Dango, Honeybuzz Choncc, and more at an 84 percent drop rate. 

Future of TFT Eggs

Treasure Realms are replacing TFT Eggs in the shop and battle passes. Players will instead receive 100 Treasure Tokens in place of where an Egg was in a battle pass. All players who still have uncracked Eggs may open them at any time. 

Patch 13.10 TFT trait changes

The TFT balance team has buffed the Ace trait slightly while also increasing the attack damage and ability power from Anima Squad at the trait’s first breakpoint. And the Gadgeteen trait was nerfed slightly to reduce the power level of Nunu with a vertical Gadgeteen comp during late-game stages.

  • Ace: Execute threshold adjusted from 15/30 to 15/33 percent
  • Anima Squad: Attack damage and ability power adjusted from 10/35/60 to 15/35/60
  • Gadgeteen: Damage and damage reduction adjusted from 4/9 to 4/8 percent

Patch 13.10 TFT champion changes

Only three champions received balance changes within TFT Patch 13.10and all of them were minor tweaks. 

  • Pantheon: Magic resistance ratio reduced from 300/450/675 to 290/435/650 percent
  • Draven: Maximum mana buffed from 70/140 to 70/130
  • Jax: Spell base damage increased from 85/130/210 to 90/135/220

Patch 13.10 TFT Hero Augments and Regular Augments

Similar to champion changes, there were only three Augment adjustments within TFT Patch 13.10. Double Trouble two and three were buffed slightly, along with Nihal’s Jubilant Veil Hero Augment. 

  • Double Trouble Two: Attack damage, ability power, and magic resistance increased from 30 to 33
  • Double Trouble Three: Attack damage, ability power, and magic resistance increased from 40 to 44
  • Nilah Jubilant Veil: Crowd control immunity for allies increased from five to six allies. 

Patch 13.10 bug fixes

  • Ezreal will no longer cast his spell twice if he killed a target within melee range
  • Pyke can no longer stun units that are immune to crowd control effects
  • An issue with Crit reaching 100 percent and reverting back to zero has been resolved
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