TFT Patch 12.12 hotfix nerfs Daeja and Volibear

Free LP was short-lived.

A Teamfight Tactics hotfix was shipped today following the release of Patch 12.12, nerfing Daeja and Volibear while reverting the Legend trait buff.

Shortly after the release of Set Seven Patch 12.12, the TFT pushed a hotfix to nerf Daeja and Volibear before the start of the Twitch Rivals Tag Team event. The nerf to Daeja reduced the dragon’s attack damage while also hitting its spell bolt damage. And Volibear had his health reverted and minor nerfs applied to his spell damage. The TFT Patch 12.12 hotfix is live, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.

Daeja was given a rework in Patch 12.12, shifting the dragon’s triple missile barrage over to her passive whereas previously it was a part of Daeja’s active spell that took place as a temporary buff for 10 seconds once Daeja cast her spell. In addition, Daeja’s Windblast spell-bolt passive was buffed to 55/85/300. 

The TFT Patch 12.12 hotfix nerfs Daeja’s attack damage hard, reducing it from 40 to 20. And the passive Windblast spell-bolt damage was nerfed to 30/45/200, which is lower than what it was prior to the Patch 12.12 rework. 

Volibear wasn’t given a rework in Patch 12.12 but the most underplayed Set Seven champion was given a significant buff that increased his health and Relentless Storm bonus damage. The hotfix reverts Volibear’s health back to what it was post-Patch 12.12, along with his spell damage. These reverts essentially return Volibear to his previous state, minus the small buff he got to his attack speed that still is in effect. 

Two other balance changes were also included in today’s hotfix, reverting the Legendary trait buff to ability power back to 40 percent. And a bug was resolved in Hyper Roll that was causing players to hit levels eight and nine a round late. 

The TFT Patch 12.12 hotfix pushed back the start time for today’s Twitch Rival Tag Team event by around one hour, with the event starting at its normal time of 3pm CT on June 24. All changes are live. No other balance changes or a TFT Patch 12.12 B-patch have been announced at the time of writing. 

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