TFT Dragonlands Worlds patch targets Draconic Augments

Know which Radiant items to grab.

Riot Games will drop a small Teamfight Tactics 2022 World Championship update this week, featuring a shift in Radiant item power levels and a few balance tweaks. 

Scheduled to release on Nov. 2, Patch 12.21 is the TFT Worlds update. The official Set 7.5 Dragonlands World Championship will take place from Nov. 18 to 20. No balance changes were applied to Patch 12.21 that would cause major shifts in the meta, according to game design director Stephen Mortdog Mortimer and game designer Kent Riot Kent Wu during the 12.21 Patch Rundown

Draconic Augments were targeted within the Worlds patch, specifically, multi-tier Augments like Built Different and Radiant items from Augments like Radiant Relics. 

All Draconic Augment changes for 12.21 TFT Worlds patch

A total of seven Radiant items were adjusted with nerfs and buffs. Two multi-tier Augments received adjustments, along with Cluttered Mind and Protector of the Cosmos. 

Radiant item changes

Most of the changes were an increase in attack speed. Sunfire Cape took a bonus health hit, while Runaan’s Hurricane received a reduction in bolt damage.

  • Radiant Last Whisper: Bonus attack speed increased from 25 to 35 percent
  • Radiant Protector’s Vow: Shield duration was reduced from four to three seconds, while armor and magic resistance was also reduced from 35 to 30
  • Radiant Quicksilver: Bonus attack speed increased from 50 to 60 percent
  • Radiant Redemption: Heal increased from 18 to 22 percent
  • Radiant Runaan’s Hurricane: Bolt damage reduced from 120 to 110 percent
  • Radiant Statikk Shiv: Bonus attack speed increased from 10 to 30 percent
  • Radiant Sunfire Cape: Bonus health reduced from 300 to 200

Set 7.5 Augment changes

Built Different was buffed across the board, while all three tiers of Preparation were nerfed. 

  • Built Different Silver tier: Bonus health increased from 200-350 to 250-400
  • Built Different Gold tier: Bonus health increased from 250-475 to 300-525
  • Built Different Prismatic tier: Bonus health increased from 300-600 to 350-650
  • Cluttered Mind: Units granted reduced from three to two
  • Preparation: Attack damage and ability power reduced from 4/5/8 to 3/4/7
  • Preparation Hyper Roll: Attack damage and ability power reduced from 6/7/10 to 4/6/9
  • Protector of the Cosmos: Shield buffed from 30 to 35

Players can test out the Set 7.5 Draconic Augment changes on Nov. 2 and watch TFT Worlds from Nov. 18 to 20. 

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