TFT Carousels are Glitched Out! with items and anvils in Set 8.5

A new TFT mechanic pairs with quality of life change.

Time and interdimensional rifts are disrupting everything in Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5, specifically the new primary mechanic within Glitched Out!

Big changes are taking place during the TFT Mid-Set update, from a new Underground trait payout table and an improved item distribution to two different versions of the same champion. The chaos created by interdimensional portals in Set 8.5 has brought a new mechanic called Glitched Out! Carousels.

And, in addition to the new mechanic is a quality of life change that will allow players to fully utilize the Glitched Out! Carousels.

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Carousel changes in TFT Set 8.5

Starting on March 22 with the official launch of TFT Set 8.5, items will automatically pop off champions after a carousel. The change is a permanent one and will continue into future sets. Prior to this quality-of-life change, players had to sell the unit they acquired on the carousel to use the component/item elsewhere, or risk having it merge into an item if the acquired unit created a two or three-star version of that champion.

The new quality of life change to carousels works directly with the new Glitched Out! Carousel mechanic, as players will experience carousels in TFT Set 8.5 that contain multiple options attached to a unit or even anvils with item components. 

How do Glitched Out! Carousels work?

Throughout the duration of Set 8.5, Glitched Out! Carousels will always take place during stage two. A chance of other carousels being glitched throughout the game is also a possibility. 

Players will find a variety of different options through Glitched Out! Carousels, from an item component and a Champion Duplicator attached to a unit to anvils instead of champions who have an item or item component. Some Glitched Out! Carousels will even offer two-item components.

At the time of writing all the different variations of the Glitched Out! Carousels have not been revealed.

Players can test out the Glitched Out! Carousel and the new quality of life change to carousels and items when TFT Set 8.5 drops into PBE servers on March 8. All changes will drop into live servers through Patch 3.16 on March 22.

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