TFT Augments get a new hero look in Set 8

Build up your hero or villain of choice.

Riot Games is shifting up Teamfight Tactics for Set Eight Monsters Attack!, transforming Draconic Augments into Hero Augments while incorporating them as the main mechanic. 

Heroes and villains are the focus of TFT Set Eight, showcasing new and returning traits while powering up specific primary carriers on your team. The new set will not contain any champions that take up two slots on the board, but it will have heroes who gain power through Hero Augments, as revealed during the Set Eight dev video today that was hosted by game design director Stephen Mortdog Mortimer.

Augments are a permanent mechanic going forward in TFT, working in conjunction with mechanics for each new set. The Augments will also change with each new set and mid-set, with Hero Augments in Set Eight becoming the main set mechanic. The Hero Augments are completely new, buffing a specific champion on your team.

Each champion in Set Eight has two Hero Augments that are specific to them and their abilities. Unlike previous TFT Augments that provided a wide variety of “blanket effects,” according to Mortdog, the Hero Augments were designed to create a superhero or supervillain. 

Players will find Alistar in Set Eight as a champion. One of his Hero Augments changes his Pulverize spell from a single target to an AOE spell that gives him a bunch of health. Alistar also has a Hero Augment called Beef Up, giving his spell maximum health scaling. 

Villains also get Hero Augments, with champions like Zac gaining 2,000 health and immunity to crowd control effects through the Supersize Augment. All Hero Augments can only drop once per game, taking the place of a normal Augment Armory. And all players in a lobby will get offered the Hero Augment at the same time. 

Players can test out Hero Augments in TFT Set Eight through PBE testing that will start on Nov. 15.

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