TFT 13.6 B-patch temporarily fixes Set 8.5 problems, nerfs Vex and ADMIN

Bigger and better changes are on the docket.

Riot Games is dropping a Teamfight Tactics 13.6 B-patch for Set 8.5, addressing frustrating champions and traits that have dominated the ranked ladder since the release of Glitched Out!

Since the launch of TFT Set 8.5 through Patch 13.6, champions like Vex and traits like Hacker, Riftwalker, and ADMIN have been dominating the ranked ladder. Vex rose to broken status in the Mascot Reroll comp as the primary carrier, dishing out powerful damage while gaining healing. The TFT 13.6 B-patch is “full of temporary fixes,” according to game designer Stephen Mortdog Mortimer, applying a bandaid for a wound that will get addressed through Patch 13.7.

The TFT team is aware of the problems and frustrations that players are likely experiencing on the Set 8.5 ranked ladder. Some changes from the 13.6 B-patch will provide relief while others are filler, getting taken care of through Patch 13.7. 

“I can list more, but all of this is to say that we’re fully aware these changes aren’t the correct perfect changes,” Mortdog said. “However if the choice is do SOMETHING now and fix again in 13.7, or do nothing and wait, TFT has always preferred action. So we did what we could.”

Patch 13.7 of TFT Set 8.5 will contain a bunch of big changes. Nerfs to Vex in the 13.6 B-patch are likely to get reversed in Patch 13.7 as it will likely make her unplayable, with the team addressing her “backline access,” according to Mortdog. And other balance adjustments like the tweaks to ADMIN will help balance out other comps like Warwick and Draven. 

Here are some of the big changes taking place in the TFT 13.6 B-patch

  • Vex: Spell damage nerfed from 240/360/600 to 210/315/5110
  • Vex: Rule of Four Hero Augment reduces healing from 22 to 11 percent
  • Mascot: Healing per Mascot on the side reduced to one percent
  • LaserCorps: Heart and Soul Augments temporarily disabled
  • Riftwalker: Zac’s spell healing was reduced to 20 percent of missing health and spell damage was reduced to 20 percent of current health
  • Hacker: Breakpoints changed from 2/3/4/5 to 3/4/5/6 

The TFT 13.6 B-patch is expected to drop as soon as possible onto the live servers. Additional changes might end up on the PBE, where players can test them out prior to the official release of Patch 13.7 on April 5.

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