TFT 13.1 B-patch nerfs Mech Sett and 5-costs

Expect the meta to settle.

Riot Games dropped a Teamfight Tactics 13.1 B-patch today, nerfing overpowered traits and Set Eight champions who have dominated the meta. 

Hitting live servers around 4pm CT, the TFT Set Eight 13.1 B-patch contained a total of seven changes. Not included in the update today, however, were any buffs to previous units like Yuumi who have essentially seen little to no play since Patch 13.1 was released. But those changes are potentially coming in Patch 13.2, according to game designer Stephen Mortdog Mortimer, which will release on Jan. 25. 

All TFT 13.1 B-patch balance changes. 

From Sett and Urgot to Mech and Threat, here are the TFT Set Eight 13.1 B-patch balance changes. 

  • Mech: RevertAttack damage and ability power at breakpoints were changed back to 60/45 percent after getting buffed in Patch 13.1 to 70/50 percent.
  • Prankster: A bug fix has been resolved so that the third breakpoint for the Prankster trait heals for the intended amount. 
  • Renegade: The base damage for the Renegade trait has been nerfed from 40/70 to 35/60 percent.
  • Jax: Jax’s base spell damage was reverted, which is a buff, from 100/150/250 to 110/165/285. 
  • Sett: Spell revert reduces Sett’s attack damage percent power from 300/320/800 to 280/300/600 percent.
  • Urgot: Urgot’s attack damage was nerfed from 80 to 70 and a bug fix was applied that fixes the double Urgot issue.
  • Fiddlesticks: Fiddlestick’s spell damage was also reverted from 111/166/1000 to 100/150/900.

All changes from the TFT Set Eight 13.1 B-patch were applied to live servers on Jan. 17 at around 4pm CT. The next patch is scheduled to release on Jan. 25. 

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