TFT 12.20 B-patch removes fast 8 Augments, ships Dragon 6 reverts

Big changes will improve competitive integrity and open up the meta.

Riot Games is dropping a major Teamfight Tactics 12.20 B-patch, removing two Prismatic Draconic Augments from the game until after Worlds, along with nerfs to overperformers and the Dragon changes that didn’t ship with Patch 12.20.

Several TFT Set 7.5 Regional Final tournaments are slated to take place during Patch 12.20 and Patch 12.21 (the TFT 2022 Worlds patch).

To ensure competitive integrity at all major tournaments taking place globally, the balance team is dropping a 12.20 B-patch on Oct. 25 around 2pm CT. 

Major changes and bug fixes were applied to the update, along with the removal of two Pristamtic Draconic Augments and nerfs to overperforming champions, according to a Twitter post from game design director Stephen Mortdog Mortimer.

The two Prismatic Augments getting removed until Patch 12.22, through the TFT 2022 World Championship, are High-End Shopping and Level Up. Both Draconic Augments allow players to fast eight or nine, providing only one or two players in a lobby an advantage over others. Both Set 7.5 Augments will return after TFT Worlds, according to Mortdog. 

Several Dragon Six nerfs from 12.19B “didn’t make it into Patch 12.20,” said Mortdog, resulting in the changes taking place now in the 12.20 B-patch instead. All ascended Dragon Six stats are dropping from 40 to 30.

Astral at 11-star has a bug that increases the chance to get items that weren’t intended by the TFT team. The bug is getting resolved in the 12.20 B-patch and won’t be an issue anymore.

The other bugfix taking place is on Terra; the dragon’s spell bonus resistances are getting reduced from 150/200/4000 to 130/165/4000which also affects the vertical Dragon end-game comp

The Dragonmancer trait is getting a bonus health reduction from 275/650/850/1000 to 275/575/775/1000. And several champions are getting nerfs as well. 

  • Kai’Sa: Spell damage reduced from 40/60/90 to 35/55/85.
  • Jax: Mana nerfed from 50/125 to 70/140.
  • Shi Oh Yu: Mana nerfed from 30/90 to 30/100 and the stun duration was reduced from 1.25 to one second. 
  • Yone: Spell damage reduced from 90/140/200 to 85/125/180

All TFT 12.20 B-patch changes will go into effect on Oct. 25 at around 2pm CT. Patch 12.21 is the 2022 Worlds patch and will release on Wednesday, Nov. 2. 

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