Teleport summoner spell gets a significant buff on League’s PBE

Watch your back.

One specific summoner spell in League of Legends that is particularly favored by top laners may soon become a must-pick for all players of that role, even outside of coordinated play, if a May 2 PBE update is anything to go by.

Among the plentiful changes to items and systems now in testing on Leagues PBE, Riot Games has added a massive buff to the Teleport summoner spell, with it now becoming Unleashed Teleport at ten minutes rather than 14 minutes. This will allow for top lanersand those in other lanes that bring the spellto be more impactful around the map earlier, which could potentially lead to faster game times overall.

Riot first introduced the concept of Unleashed Teleport to League prior to the start of the 2022 season as a means of toning down the spells effectiveness in the early game. With this change, players could only Teleport to allied turrets within the first 14 minutes of the game. After that time, the spell would transform into Unleashed Teleport, giving players access to all of the destinations that Teleport used to target, including allied minions and wards.

Since that change, however, Teleport as a whole has fallen out of favor in solo queue in exchange for more lane-aggressive spells like Ignite, or defensive ones like Ghost and Cleanse. It still makes a regular appearance in professional play due to how important it can be in initiating a mid- or late-game fightand even the occasional back-door victory.

This change to Teleport is currently available for testing on Leagues PBE, and is expected to be pushed to live servers sometime after MSI and before the start of the second ranked split on July 17. As this is a significant change, there is a possibility that it will be altered or reverted entirely before players can officially get their hands on it.

Other adjustments were added to the testing realm today, including a handful of new Mythic items for enchanters and assassins, as well as major changes to ADC itemization, all of which are also expected to be released to the live iteration of League within the coming months.

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