TeePee proves that fighting AI enemies is absolutely worth it for big rewards in Warzone 2

Need loot? Try a quick raid.

Warzone 2 is out now and players everywhere are exploring all the ins and outs of Al Mazrah. And while the main attraction is still the other players on the map that youll need to track down and outlast to grab a victory, Warzone 2 also adds strongholds and Black Sites into the mix.

As players most likely know by now, strongholds are AI-controlled areas on Al Mazrah. Players can choose to infiltrate these bases and clear out the troops that hold them down to get themselves some good loot. Of course, doing that comes at the risk of getting mowed down by AI, which is never a great way to end a game, or another team hearing what youre doing and deciding to come in and send you home early.

But if TeePees recent run through a stronghold and clearing of the juggernaut boss at the end of it is anything to go by, the rewards for these strongholds are worth it.


Clearly, the boss is a bullet sponge. If you run into one of these armored tanks, expect to spend a good bit of time team-shooting them. The loot when hes finally defeated is the real story, however. Durable gas masks, self-revive kits, large backpacks, basically anything that a player could possibly want in their endgame loadouts just from clearing this Black Site.

Its understandable that many Warzone players arent going to want to necessarily take on optional AI missions in the middle of their PvP games. They can be time-consuming and theres no glory in beating a computer.

But on the other hand, if youre finding yourself losing matches simply because other players in the lobby have better loot than you, you might want to try taking on some strongholds. Theyll better equip you for the battles ahead.

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