TeePee laments Warzone 2’s midseason update patch notes, and the CoD community seems to be on the same page

"Will it keep people on the game? I really don't know."

Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s midseason update patch notes have been received with a lukewarm reaction by the game’s community, including one of its top streamers.

The patch notes for the midseason update dropped this morning while TeePee was streaming some Warzone 2 matches, and the CoD world champ had an immediate reaction to what he found lacking.


“Here’s the issue,” Teep said while partied up with Symfuhny, Tfue, and Crowder. “The problem is everyone’s gonna go on holiday break and this is gonna be our meta and gameplay for like two months. Will it keep people on the game? I really don’t know.”

The negative response to the Warzone 2 section of the massive list of patch notes revolves around the lack of changes to current meta guns like the RPK and Fennec 45. Several other weapons received tuning, though, including the Kastov 545 and Kastov-74u.

The reaction from Teep, his high-profile teammates, and other top players in the scene seems to be similar across the community, including on the official Reddit thread about the patch on the Warzone Reddit page.

“An underwhelming amount of weapon balancing there,” said one commenter. “Im guessing most of their time has been taken up with the huge list of issues fixed at the end of the notes.”

The list of bug fixes and quality-of-life changes take up the bulk of the patch notes, but it’s still not what many players have been looking for.

“Nothing about footstep audio, broken Birdseye perk, perks not working correctly from loadouts, can’t save weapon builds, RPK not nerfed,” another commenter said. “Done wasting my time with these clowns.”

The update is scheduled to go live and playable today at 12pm CT, but for now, the patch notes have left many unimpressed thus far.

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