Team USA looks to defend Overwatch World Cup title with new GM and head coach

Can they go back to back?

The Overwatch World Cup might be months away, but the reigning champs have a ways to go before they can prepare to defend their title. Team USA has introduced the committee that will be tasked with crafting a roster that can bring home the gold in the fall. 

With a post to Twitter today, the Team USA Overwatch account announced that Florida Mayhem GM Albert yeHHH Yeh will serve as the nations GM, and Atlanta Reign’s Blake Gator Scott will be the countrys head coach. Joining them as the social lead of the team will be YouTuber Bro You Wack.

Yehs résumé includes serving as the Florida Mayhem GM for more than four years, having started in October 2018. The 30-year-old previously coached for NRG Esports and was an analyst for the Mayhem before moving to GM.

Meanwhile, Gator gained fame for being a founding member of the GOATS team that popularized the infamous triple-tank, triple-DPS team composition, which was named after the team. Gator joined the Atlanta Reign as a tank player in 2018 before being moved to the ATL Academy team. He was announced as the Reigns coach in November of last year.

The new committee replaces former GM Analynn bawlynn Dang, head coach Aaron Aero Atkins, and community lead Vinit Fresh Patel who led the team to a gold medal in 2019 when the last World Cup was played. Prior to their 2019 gold medal, Team USA were ousted in the quarterfinals of the three previous World Cups from 2016 to 2018.

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