Team Spirit could make another Dota 2 roster change despite promising Lima Major run

Team Spirit with the quick decision making.

Despite making a serious roster change before the 2023 DPC season, Team Spirit’s performance at the first Dota 2 Major of the year resulted in a top-eight finish, a decent result but not entirely up to their championship-winning standards. 

Now, just a few months into the season, the team’s manager, Dmitry Korb3n Belov, has hinted at further roster changes, sparking questions about the team’s cohesion and future prospects.

In a long Telegram post, Korb3n started off by reflecting on Team Spirits Lima Major experience. While the manager went through some of the hardships that the team faced throughout the event, he quickly moved on to what the future holds for Spirit after giving his respect to the hometown crowd in Lima.

Yes, by the way, we will have lineup changes and I’m not even joking, Korb3n said, according to machine translation.

The sound of a potential roster change was more than enough to send fans speculating, with most deciding that it could be Denis “Larl” Sigitov drawing the short end of the stick. Though the newly acquired mid-player blended in with his teammates, he had a lackluster performance at the Major, and theres a massive influx of available mid-players in the Eastern European Dota 2 scene.

With the resources, Spirit could consider snatching Gleb kiyotaka Zyryanov from HellRaisers or Maxim re1bl Afanasyev from Darkside since the two teams have a chance of falling apart during the brief roster shuffle season that kicked off after the Major.

Given the rise of competition in the Western European DPC, there may also be players considering migrating to the EEU region, increasing the available options for Spirit.

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