Team Ricochet makes big change to curb cheating before Warzone ranked launch

Surely it'll work this time.

Despite multiple attempts to reconcile the issue, Call of Duty’s Warzone 2 has been plagued with cheaters throughout the game’s lifespan. With Warzones ranked play beta close at hand, Team Ricochet is taking the necessary steps to ensure that cheaters will fall at the first hurdle.

In a May 9 announcement, Ricochet revealed multiple safety measures aimed at halting cheaters in their tracks before reaching servers. Their Twitter post front-lined their new server-side detection systems and a list of other changes coming with the ranked beta.

Cheaters and smurfs will be met with several roadblocks, with attempts to create new accounts to circumnavigate bans slowedall in an effort to create an enjoyable and competitive experience for those just trying to finish first in their battle royale matches.

Ricochet has developed new investigation tools, touched up its third-party detection system, a mandatory password reset for suspected stolen accounts, and created a set the minimum level to 45 in order to play ranked.

Warzone 2s ranked mode arrives on May 10, 2023, bringing die-hard battle royale fans an opportunity to climb the ladder and establish themselves as the best survivalist in the game. 

Ricochet previously attempted to quash any form of cheaters via several new layers of security and detections in their anti-cheat on April 5, 2023.

The previously implemented feature warned players who were using third-party software while playing. As time progressed, players would eventually be banned permanently from all Call of Duty titles after multiple warnings.

While previous endeavors mightve tackled a few cheaters, there are clearly plenty more out there for the Warzone anti-cheat developers to handle. Hopefully, these new limitations will significantly impact the cheating community and not old or new players in the scene.

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