Team Liquid shares what might have been a breathtaking Apex Legends cinematic

The organization intended to release it before pulling out from Apex competitive scene.

Team Liquid, one of the biggest names in Apex Legends since the battle royale game released, abruptly left the competitive scene in December 2022.

Thanks to this decision, projects were given up and never released. The organization’s co-founder Steve Arhancet revealed one of them last night on Twitter, saying it was “too good not to showcase.”

The video below shows a breathtaking cinematic where a team of Apex Legends characters prepare to fight an army of monsters in a thunderstorm.

At one point, the thunder strikes Team Liquid’s logo on the ground and creates weapons that were likely intended to be the team’s skins for the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS).

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Team Liquid’s dedicated ALGS skins have been introduced to Apex Legends a number of times before, and this video was created to showcase one of those releases.

The video would have introduced the next array of team-dedicated skins in an epic fashion. But it was never officially released, either because Team Liquid left the scene too early or the sale in question didn’t come to fruition.

In December, Team Liquid left the game’s competitive scene after a divergence of opinion on ALGS’ “monetization for teams,” according to a press release.

Steve Arhancet hinted at EA not providing enough support to teams competing in the competitive circuit, which didn’t allow them to “support their players in turn” and pushed them away from the scene.

Meanwhile, the ALGS wrapped up its first regular Split of the third year. The top teams will battle it out to win the playoffs from Feb. 2 to 5 in an offline tournament in London.

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