Team BDS first to lock in a spot at Group Stage of LEC Spring Split

How to turn a 10k gold gap into a win

Team BDS clutched their game against Team Vitality, turning the tables in the final five minutes to become the first team to reach the LEC Spring Split Group Stage. The two opponents were tied in first place with four wins collected so far in the regular season, with the winners punching their ticket to the next stage of the competition. 

Earlier this split, Team BDS had proven to be unstoppable once they obtained the early game lead over their opponents, and it was more of the same today. However as they obtained the first blood, Vitality immediately closed the gold gap by taking down the first tower bot with the first herald and taking all plates. The early game continued in the same fashion.

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The two teams had a balanced hold of the map, with BDS gaining two drakes over the single one from Vitality who, on the other hand, had conquered two of their opponents towers. After 24 minutes on the Rift, BDS made the first move toward the first Baron of the game, but they didnt assess the situation correctly. Vitality turned the play in their favor, taking down the majority of their opponents roster and turning towards obtaining the Baron buff. They then pushed all lanes to gain map control and get closer to closing the game.

But BDS did not yield. In a moment of calm, they move to conquer the third Baron of the game and stop Vitality from shredding their base by masterfully capitalizing on a crucial mistake made by their opponents. One fight turned the tables as BDS skilfully took down Vitality after recovering from a 10k gold deficit.

With this win, Team BDS punched their ticket to the group stage of the Spring Split, simultaneously reaching the top of the rankings of the regular season. But their solitude at the top spot will not last long: SK Gaming and G2 Esports, both tied in second place at the moment, will face off against each other today, with one of them guaranteed to catch up with them.

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