Taric jungle pulls off bizarre gank in League to save mid laner

The perfect gank?

Unconventional picks for the jungle role can often result in strange ganks in League of Legendsand the case was no different when a player picked Taric in solo queue.

In a clip posted on League’s subreddit, a player showcased a bizarre assist they managed to pull off in the mid lane. Despite helping Ahri claim a kill on the enemy Twitch, the Shield of Valoran didn’t walk into the lane at allthey were busy farming gold and finishing off the Raptor camp.

In the video, Taric was busy killing his Raptor camp while Ahri was freezing the lane under her turret. But the mid laner was also bound to Taric and was healing with him and channeling beams of light from Taric’s Dazzle (E).

At some point, the Shield of Valoran used his E to simply take down the monsters he was dealing with. While this was happening, the enemy Twitch was engaging on Ahri and looking for a kill. But instead of being taken out, The Nine-tailed Fox hit her opponent with her Charm (E), making him an easy target for Taric’s Dazzle. After stunning Twitch under the turret, she picked up the kill instead with the well-earned assist going to Taric, who was still busy with the Raptor camp.

This early-game gank wasn’t enough to win the game, however. Taric and Ahri, unfortunately, lost in less than 31 minutes, according to OP.GG. Nevertheless, the highlight play more than makes up for the loss.

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