Tahm Kench saves 1HP Nexus with clutch devour onto Yone before winning League game himself

Is this the greatest Nexus defend ever?

Everybody loves the clutch backdoor to grab the come-from-behind victory or the marvelous baron steal, but a highlight that often gets overlooked is the greatest Nexus defenses. For one Tahm Kench player, they changed the tide of that notion by makingarguablyone of the greatest solo Nexus defenses in solo queue history.

The short 17-second clip, posted by u/giomascitelli, begins with an opposing Yone charging towards the Nexus tower with a wave of minions. Yone begins to hit the Nexus, dealing significant damage to the Nexus. With five players alive, and nobody, including teammate Brand who ran right past the open Nexus, it was up to Tahm Kench to try and save the game. 

Tahm Kench uses his Abyssal Dive to transport himself right next to his Nexus. He then proceeds to auto-attack Yone, trying to put a stop to the backdoor. With the Nexus nearly down to zero hp, it is looking great for the enemy Yone and bad for Tahm Kench. However, just as Yone is about to deal the finishing blow and win the game, Tahm Kench pulls of an auto-attack into an immediate Devour as the Nexus stands with little to no HP. 

With Yone in his mouth, Tahm Kench walks over to his fountain before spitting out the Yone at the base as the Yone dies from the fountain. After his late-game heroics, Tahm Kench is then joined by three of his teammates as they rapidly begin clearing out the oncoming minion wave.

While the clip ends after that moment, it is revealed the incredible save was met with a warm ending. Tahm Kench and his team were able to make the comeback a reality and takedown Yones Nexus soon after, all while revealing a mentality difference between the opposing sides.

The Yone then proceeds to type on all chat, just ff you’re wasting my time and called us silver garbage,” original poster u/giomascitelli commented. We won the game 7 minutes after this.

In the original posts title, they stated the Nexus had dropped all the way down to 4hp. However, shortly after swallowing the enemy Yone, it can be seen the Nexus actually drops all the way down to 1hp for a brief moment as the minions begin to die and the Nexus slowly begins to heal up.

Wow, I didnt even see this frame dude, u/giomascitelli commented in response to learning the Nexus dropped down to one hp. Even more stoked that we won this game now.

The short clip has received over 3.3k upvotes on Reddit in just three days as the League of Legends Reddit came together to appreciate Tahm Kenchs amazing effort.

Truly a solo save from the brinks of defeat, Tahm Kench didnt have much time to hash out a plan. All he knew was he did not want to lose that game. A moment saved on Reddit to be rewatched for years to come, Tahm Kench can now move forward knowing he made one of the greatest saves in solo queue history.

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