Symmetra’s Ultimate is creating chaos in Overwatch 2 after February nerfs change more than intended

From little things, big things grow.

Symmetra may have only gotten a minor change in the recent Overwatch 2 patch notes, but the updatewhich made changes to her Ultimate abilityhas been causing nothing but chaos ever since.

In particular, doors, payloads, and other environmental objects seem to be her turret’s kryptonite following the Feb. 7 nerfs. The major issue, which was flagged by one Overwatch 2 gamer on Reddit on Feb. 9, is that any time her ability comes in contact with these stationary environmental features, it totally disappears.

In the shared clip, Symmetra’s ability takes longer to appear too, leaving her vulnerable to other Ultimates like Reinhardt’s smash and Sombra’s hacks. On top of that, bugs see the Ult activate after death, wasting the use and resetting the cooldown.

For many, Symmetra has been left “unuseable” after the update.

If I ever needed a reason to be more conscious about where I was putting my sentries, one concerned player said in response to the catalog of issues, while another said it was “huge” that her key abilities had been affected so badly. It’s true tooSymmetra has been left largely defenseless via these bugs.

While the hero’s win rate in Overwatch 2 has yet to take any serious dip according to sites like Overbuff (which Dot Esports has to mention doesn’t draw on any official Blizzard API), it’s only a matter of time before they swing into the negatives.

Symmetra fans, starting crossing those fingersBlizzard has yet to address these unintended additional nerfs, but should once they land on the devs’ radar.

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