Sykkuno defends his emotional final stream on Twitch

Sykkuno wishes his haters the best.

Popular streamer and content creator Sykkuno reflected on his final stream as a Twitch broadcaster, defending his emotional state near the end of the broadcast.

Few expected Sykkuno’s May 1 stream to be his last day on Twitch, but such became apparent as the streamer quickly became emotional shortly before ending the broadcast. Teary-eyed and grateful for his supporters and friends, Sykkuno’s swan song on Twitch was then followed by news of his switch to YouTube.

While the streamer’s heartfelt farewell was met with support from fans and streamer friends alike, others felt as though his emotional goodbye was over-exaggerated for the camera. In his first YouTube stream, however, Sykkuno responded to Reddit threads and viewers who believed such.

“A lot of people said I was too sad for leaving Twitch, which I think was strange because I am all my friends on Twitch, I have a lot of good memories there, so of course, I’m going to be sad when I go,” Sykkuno said. “I think what it really means is the people who don’t understand that feeling just haven’t found something that means to them as much as streaming meant to me.”

Sykkuno expressed his sympathy for those who were critical of his emotional reaction and ultimately wished them the best and that they “can find something that means that much to them too.”

Sykkuno’s switch to YouTube has attracted the attention of countless streamers and commentators as he has become the latest former Twitch content creator to jump to the platform. Though his days on Twitch are behind him for the foreseeable future, Sykkuno has found a new home on YouTube.

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