Swain’s first set of changes since 2022 headlines lineup of buffs in LoL Patch 13.9

More information on these buffs should be available tomorrow.

While League of Legends Patch 13.8 set the tone for all things related to MSI, Riot Games is looking toward the future with Patch 13.9, sprinkling in a bit of help for champions that may or may not need it.

In today’s patch preview for League Patch 13.9, which is expected to release on the live servers on May 3, Riot provided a small teaser of the champions, items, and systems that will be adjustednoticeably a smaller list than previous ones. Among these changes are buffs scheduled to impact a few championsincluding one that hasnt been on the changelog for a whileand a single item, the specifics of which are expected to be fully detailed tomorrow.

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Aatrox and Volibear are listed as the recipients of buffs in the top lane in this upcoming patch, with both having fallen victim to low pick rates due to the meta heavily favoring tanks and champions that build Heartsteel. Meanwhile, Riot is attempting to shake up the jungle meta with buffs to Amumu and Trundle, who both currently sport sub-50-percent win rates, according to OP.GG.

Swain rejoins the patch preview for the first time since Patch 12.22, where he only received a small buff to his mana growth. While its not clear what Riot intends to buff about Swains kit, the champion continues to appear occasionally in professional play, meaning any substantial buffs will likely push the Noxian Grand General back to the top of the mid lane meta.

The sole item set to be buffed in the next patch is Lich Bane. This Legendary-tier item, despite granting a solid amount of stats, is primarily built by mages that also like to weave in auto attacks like Fizz and Azir, who tend to avoid this item entirely due to better first and second full-item purchases. Its currently unclear what the buff will entail, though it may change the pricing of the item that makes it less attractive for players.

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All of these buffs are expected to be revealed in full tomorrow and uploaded to the PBE, where they will be available for testing for a week. As with all patch previews, these buffs are tentative and may be altered prior to their release on the live servers on May 3.

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