SUYGETSU acquires visa to attend VCT Masters Copenhagen

He's back.

Russian VALORANT player Dmitry SUYGETSU Ilyushin is set to travel to VCT Masters Copenhagen after acquiring a visa, the player revealed today on Twitter. 

SUYGETSU will likely compete with FunPlus Pheonix during the playoff stage if they manage to take down NORTHEPTION, sources told Dot Esports. SUYGETSU will be unable to travel to Denmark today. 

The timing of the playoff matches may have to be changed to facilitate the change.

FPX have competed with Alliance player Mathias SEIDER Seider during their VCT Masters run. FPX took down XERXIA Esports in their opening match but were defeated by Korean team DRX in the winners’ final of the group. 

FPX is set to take on NORTHEPTION later today to secure the final spot in the playoffs from Group B. The winner of the match will take on EMEA victors Fnatic in the first round of the playoffs. 

Many Russian pro players have been unable to travel outside of the country because of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Since Russia invaded the Eastern European country on Feb. 24, many countries have closed their borders to Russian aircraft in response, which has made it difficult for Russians to travel abroad. 

Fellow Russian player Andrey Shao Kiprsky was able to attend VCT Masters prior to the group stage because he acquired his visa before SUYGETSU, as reported by Dot Esports on July 8. In-game leader Kyrylo ANGE1 Karasov was allowed to leave Ukraine as well.

VCT Masters will continue today. FPX will face off against NORTHEPTION and OpTic will take on KRÜ Esports. 

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