SumaiL quiets concerns with first win in China to start Dota Pro Circuit season

The king becomes an emperor.

Sumail Hassan’s move to China following Dota 2‘s Berlin Major left fans in awe. Having built his career in North America and Europe, doubts lingered among supporters even though the move was signaled throughout the season. SumaiL swiftly silenced skepticism by leading Team Aster to a triumphant start, however, securing a resounding victory in their debut match of the season versus Piggy Killer today.

Shortly after the win, SumaiL was invited to the English broadcast for a post-match interview about his time with Aster. Despite arriving in the country only a day before his first official match, SumaiL looked unstoppable both in and outside the game, taking over game one with Timbersaw.

SumaiL believed that the language barrier was mainly overrated and the chemistry within Aster was terrific. Since chemistry played a huge role when SumaiL made the decision to join Aster, hes been more focused on enabling his teammates while letting them do what theyre used to.

I suggest my heroes, bans, and items if I see them, SumaiL said. Otherwise, I stay quiet and let them do their stuff.

The star mid-laner also talked about his teammates. Ever since joining Aster, SumaiL has been on the same page with Ye “BoBoKa” Zhibiao. The two have been the most talkative duo outside of the game, according to SumaiL, stating BoBoka always laughs at everything regardless of whether hes getting compliments or flames.

While SumaiLs move to China may have seemed sudden for some fans, it has been in the works since 2020. SumaiL was initially asked to join Aster during the lockdown era, but he decided to continue his Dota 2 journey in Europe as he got to stand in for Liquid and then joined OG.

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Given Asters previous interest in SumaiL, everything clicked for both sides when they came together at the Berlin Major. Placing seventh at the event was enough to convince SumaiL and Aster, and the two will be giving their all for the rest of the season to secure an invitation to The International 2023.

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