Suffering from success: Nasty Overwatch 2 glitch deranks players on win streaks

Say goodbye to your rank.

Overwatch 2s matchmaking system has been fraught with glitches and unhappy players since its release, and now theres another reason for gamers to pick up their pitchforks.

A new bug has reportedly made win streaks irrelevant, supposedly deranking players even if they’re in the middle of ranked queue win streaks.

The bug was first reported by one unlucky Overwatch player who said in a May 8 Reddit post that they’d recorded 5-0 and 5-2 streaks in the last two ranked splits but actually lost ranksa claim that instantly sparked panic among the rest of the fandom and started calls for Blizzard to quickly patch the problematic issue.

Nobodys entirely clear on whats happening. Some gamers believed the glitch was fixed by creating a new account, but really all we know is players are seemingly being punished for no reason.

One player actually believes theyve even found a way to recreate the bug, with the supposed repetitive glitching giving them free SR in the progress. The player didnt reveal their systemwhich is no surprisebut did share theyve already been in contact with OW2 developers and Blizzard is on the case.

The Overwatch developers have become old hats at interacting with the community regarding matchmaking issues recently.

Previously, the hero shooter’s community was up in arms due to the lack of clarity in the Overwatch ranked system. That flared up in late April after players started being paired with teammates who were either significantly higher or lower ranks, leading to unfair competitive games.

Even before that matchmaking issue, players locked horns with devs due to the number of matches required to rank up.

While the road to a perfect matchmaking experience has been bumpy, to say the least, the Overwatch devs have been fixing issues as they pop up. Hopefully, they can tackle this bug and we can go back to a normal matchmaking experience.

For now, maybe just try not to win so many Overwatch lobbies, right?

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