Sudden shift: SabeRLight gets last-second boot for rising pubstar in huge TSM Dota shuffle

Hours before the deadline, TSM had to make another change.

As if North American Dota 2 couldnt get even more confusing, TSM and star offlaner SabeRLight have parted ways today as the organization continues to overhaul its lineup following a poor end to the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit. 

Initially, it looked like SabeRLight would stick around after DuBu left the team and MoonMeander stepped away from the active rosterreplacing his captain role with the mantle of head coach. But now, only two players remain from the original Team Undying as the beloved Czech personality is replaced by an almost completely unknown name. 

In his stead, TSM has signed Ilyas “kasane” Gainullin. If you dont recognize that name, you arent alone because he is a 19-year-old Russian pubstar who has only played in the competitive scene since January 2021. 

He is best known by his former tag celebrity and his 2021 stint with Virtus Pros VP.Prodigy developmental roster. Kasane does have some experience with the Rune Eaters back when it was still V-Gaming, but most of his time was spent bouncing around other lineups as a stand-in. 

Now, the young ranked standout will transition into a prominent role in one of North Americas biggest orgs and with big shoes to fill in terms of the personality and play of SabeRLight. Alongside the new additions of Ari and Whitemon, there might be a lengthy adjustment period for this new TSM squad. The team includes Timado, Bryle, Kasane, Ari, Whitemon, and MoonMeander (coach).

As for SabeRLight, his time in NA isnt ending just yet. He is joining up with Arteezy, Fly, and the ex-Evil Geniuses lineup over on Alameda 2018 for the 2023 DPC after what seems like a very quick turnaround decision. That roster is also being signed by Shopify Rebellion as the org enters Dota for the first time. 

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