Stunning LoL fan art imagines Ahri as part of the Ruined skin line

But it's missing one key feature.

League of Legends has many different skin lines, and recently, one player created an impressive Ruined Ahri skin.

The concept art of the skin was made by Nada and posted on League’s subreddit on March 19. Like most of the skins featured in the Ruined skin line, it features gray and sage green colors, which really help to sell that Ruination vibe.

In the concept art, Ahri is unshackled yet still wears the hinges on her wrists and ankles and a collar around her neck. This is most likely a nod to the fact that Viego, the Ruined King, controls the deadly Harrowings and can possess champions with his Heartbreaker. Ahri having chains in her Ruined skin suggests she’s being somewhat controlled by the champion.

While many players are fond of the concept art, some of them underlined that Ahri is missing her main feature: nine tails. “Add tails and u will have my attention,” one of them wrote.

The fanmade skin is reminiscent of other Ruined skins, including Karma and Draven. All of them feature the champions as mind-controlled by Viego since they were corrupted by Black Mist.

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There are a number of skins tied to the Ruination event, and it’s unlikely that Riot Games will expand on the skin line anytime soon. Nevertheless, if the devs want to add to the skin line, they could take inspiration from the creator and their impressive Ahri Ruined skin concept.

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