Strange Overwatch 2 bug makes Lifeweaver the perfect counter to every Mercy

Make your enemies mald instead of your teammates for once.

Lifeweaver might have underwhelming throughput and a set of abilities that can frustrate Overwatch 2 teammates as much as help them, but one bizarre interaction makes him dangerous.

In the three weeks since Lifeweaver was introduced to the Overwatch 2 roster, gamers have recorded numerous instances where Lifeweavers Life Grip and Petal Platform led to negative results for a Lifeweavers team, even in the moments where the player piloting the new hero had the very best of intentions.

However, one certain interaction that Lifeweavers Petal Platform seems to have with Mercys resurrection abilityshared on May 1could help players redeem those mishaps as one gamer displayed on Twitter today.

OW2 content creator Marsh today shared a clip from a round on Junkertown where a Mercy player approached a doorway near the first checkpoint as their tank player was eliminated. In an effort to save a back-and-forth fight, the Mercy player stands around the corner of the door and goes for a rez on the Ramattra that just died.

Just as the glowing light from the rez starts to go off, the opposing Lifeweaver player places a Petal Platform down around where the Ramattra is supposed to be resurrected, and after the Lifeweaver hops onto the platform, Mercys rez gets canceled.

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Watching the clip back, its clear the golden glowing rez begins to ascend on the platform with the Lifeweaver, leaving Mercy out of range to complete the resurrection.

Its unclear if this interaction is intended to be some kind of counterplay or if its yet another Overwatch 2 bug, but either way, its certainly one more way Lifeweaver can impact a game with his wonky kit that breeds creativityand trolling.

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