Strange LoL bug forces Tyler1 to play a champion he didn’t pick

Who needs Heimerdinger anyway?

Its one thing when your preferred League of Legends champion gets banned as you attempt to climb the ranked ladder, but its another thing entirely when the game chooses a champion for you to play without your input.

During one of Tyler1s ranked games in last nights stream, when he opted to lock in Heimerdinger support, the client suddenly locked in Nautilus for him instead, despite him having clearly picked the Revered Inventor. An initial uncertainty as to if this bug had actually occurred was proven true when he watched a clip shortly thereafter, leading to further frustration from the popular streamer regarding the state of the game.

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While its unclear why exactly this occurred, it may have been due to a packet loss error that forced him onto the champion he played in the game prior, but Tyler1 had very clearly locked in Heimerdinger. This also may have occurred due to an error in champion select that appeared on the screen as Tyler1 was attempting to lock in Heimerdingerthough this bug has not been widely reported and does not appear to be common.

Evidently, Tyler1 was not happy about the champion that he was forced to play thanks to this bug, completely disrupting his game plan and team synergy and ultimately leading to a loss. This bug did not occur again for the popular streamer, though it did leave a lasting impact on the remainder of the games he played during last nights stream.

Next week, Tyler1 will be heading to Europe in an attempt to complete another international climb to Challenger, having previously tried this feat in South Korea but failing to break into the games highest rank. He will be streaming his upcoming League endeavor starting on March 16.

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