Stormtroopers are returning to Fortnite for Star Wars Day on May 4

Stormtroopers are just as bad in Fortnite.

Since the 70s, Star Wars has captivated audiences and inspired generations to live out their best adventures. As one of the most popular film series of all time, Star Wars has had its fair share of crossovers on TV and in video games. The latest is Fortnite, which has added Star Wars-themed quests for May 4.

In addition to these themed quests, Epic games has also released the Blaster Rifle and Lightsaber back into the game. Players can buy blasters from NPC Stormtroopers at their new checkpoints and find lightsabers as legendary chest loot. Many of the quests will require the player to have one of these items, so it’s wise to find one early. Luckily, they are located all over the map during this event.

The quests range from blocking weapons fire with your lightsaber to getting close-ranged damage with the blaster. As long as you can find the weapons required, most of these quests are pretty simple and will only take one or two matches to complete. Once the player finishes all of the Star Wars quests, the game will reward them with a new themed profile avatar.

In addition to the Star Wars-themed quests, popular Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR shared an image of a supposed Obi-Wan skin that could come to the game soon. With all the recent talk about Darth Vader and other skins, it makes sense that Epic would have a few more Star Wars Outfits to share.

While it’s only his sleeve, the lightsaber gives away who this could be. Players can currently find Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber in the game, and it looks similar to the one the character in this picture is holding. Whether Obi-Wan will come to the game this season reasons to be seen, however.

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