Stormrazor, Echoes of Helia lose power while Statikk Shiv gets waveclear buff in LoL Patch 13.11

Trying to find the sweet spot for all of the new changes set in motion.

In League of Legends‘ previous patch, multiple items were released onto live servers for players to try, from a new support mythic, revamped assassin items, the return of an iconic marksman item, and changes to several others across all roles.

For Patch 13.11, Riot Games is now aiming to find the right balance for these new items after giving Summoners a whole patch to experiment, including a plethora of changes to major League items like Echoes of Helia, Statikk Shiv, Stormrazor, and Kraken Slayer as revealed by the devs on Twitter in today’s detailed preview.

Echoes of Helia was added as another option for enchanters who are looking to deal a bit more damage with their poke, along with bringing a good amount of healing to the table for their allies. To balance out this item, however, Riot is lowering the item’s healing per shard in the early game so that it only increases past level six. They’re also lowering the damage per shard in the late game.

A whole collection of items were revamped for marksmen last patch, including the return of Statikk Shiv, which will be getting some decent buffs to its damage for next patch. Not only will the energized passive damage be getting a 20 damage increase at all levels, but it will also be dealing 30 percent more damage to minions, making it an excellent choice for any champions who need waveclear.

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Similarly, Kraken Slayer will also get big buffs in Patch 13.11, including a swap from magic to physical damage. At the same time, it will be getting scaling damage instead of a static 20 damage, to go with increased total AD ratios and 15 percent more AP ratio damage.

Not everything is totally peachy for League’s AD mains, though. Galeforce, for example, will be getting some major nerfs to its effectiveness this update, including a 50 percent critical strike reduction, with a 10 percent max execute damage reduction. This might be enough of a nerf to reduce the item’s importance in an ADC’s build, even though it still provides a good amount of mobility for any champions lacking in self-peel.

Additionally, Runaan’s Hurricane will deal 15 less on-hit damage, while Youmuu’s Ghostblade will have less lethality and five less haste. Stormrazor is getting a small AD reduction to go with lower energize damage.

Overall, the developers are clearly still trying to find the sweet spot for these items in the current meta, especially with which champions are currently popular with solo queue and pro play like Jinx, Xayah, Zeri, and Aphelios.

League Patch 13.11 is set to release on Thursday, June 1.

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