Stories are coming to the Xbox mobile app

First in Australia.

An update to the Xbox mobile app on iOS and Android will add an activity feed in the form of stories, similar to what is seen on Instagram, Microsoft announced in an official blog post.

Stories are already live in Australia and will come to other regions soon, according to Microsoft. Players will be able to update their activities with gameplay clips, screengrabs, and achievements, with the possibility to also reply to friends stories with messages or quick reactions. 

Stories lets you showcase your skills and keep up to date with your friends,” said Kristen Mann, principal group program manager for Xbox Experiences. “You can share your favorite gaming moments including game clips, screenshots, and achievements with your friends and the Xbox community. You can also reply to your friends stories with a message or a quick reaction. 

Players who want to use this feature will locate it right on the home screen of the Xbox app. There will be a + button on players’ gamertag to add content to the stories. It will also be possible to choose captions and preview your stories before posting. It will then be posted to your stories channel, as well as your activity feed, and will be visible to your friends for 72 hours.

The other highlight of the announcement is the Quality of Service (QoS) tagging for Xbox consoles. This is a feature designed to prioritize traffic that is sensitive to network congestion, such as multiplayer gaming or group chat, and can be accessed from the Advanced section of the Network Settings menu. The QoS tagging will basically optimize your experience during times of network congestion.

To activate it on your console, follow these instructions: In the Settings app under General, Network settings, Advanced settings youll see a new button for QoS Tagging Settings. Under QoS Tagging Settings, there are two options: DSCP Tagging Enabled and WMM Tagging Enabled.

The update is already live in Australia, but its unclear when it will become available in other regions.

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