Still waiting for a Steam Deck? It might come sooner than you think

You might want to check your estimated shipping date.

If you placed a pre-order for a Steam Deck and have been waiting patiently for it to arrive, we’ve got some good news.

Valve provided an update on Steam Deck shipments, saying that they’re being manufactured and shipped faster than the company originally predicted. Some of the shipments previously dated for the Q4 window are now being moved up to Q3.

“Steam Deck production has continued to outperform our estimates, and we are updating shipping windows for the Steam Deck reservation queue,” Valve said in the update today. “This means a bunch of folks who had an estimated order window of Q4 (Oct-Dec) have been moved up to the Q3 window, and can expect to receive their email by the end of September. You can check your reservation window status here (while logged in).”

Additionally, Valve said the number of Steam Deck reservations being made on a daily basis continues to grow and is at its highest since the handheld launched earlier this year.

“We’re glad to get these out to all of you faster, and hope you enjoy Steam Deck as much as we do,” Valve said. “As always, we love hearing your feedback, impressions, and all the wacky things you’re doing with Steam Deck.”

It’s definitely worth logging in to Steam and checking to see if your shipment of the excellent handheld gaming PC has been moved up.

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