Still growing: Ivern update delayed as LoL devs hunt for ‘better changes’

The Green Father needs a little more time.

Ivern is going to be spending a little more time in the oven this month, with Riot Games whacking the junglers midscope update with a one-patch delay as the League of Legends development team tests more changes for the Green Father.

The new Ivern update will instead ship in League Patch 13.10, leading Riot developer Matt Phroxzon Leung-Harrison told players on May 9.

Changes to jungler buff sharing are also being delayed by two weeksboth are now expected to hit live servers on May 31as they are closely tied to Ivern. While League players may be disappointed by the date change, Phroxzon promised its all for the greater good as Riot hunts for a better set of changes.

Little is known about what League Patch 13.11 may contain outside the now-shifted Ivern midscope update but its predecessor, 13.10, is acting as the flagship Riot titles regular midseason overhaul.

The May 17 update will add four new items (one of which is actually a returning favorite) and make changes to dozens more. Recently reworked Neeko will also be getting adjustments, as will minions, turrets, blast cones, warding trinkets, the Homeguards mechanic, Teleport, and even the Rifts homebase fountain.

Riots planned changes may put paid to everything we know about the Ivern midscope update, but as of writing on May 10, we do know that his base stats, Q, W, E, and ultimate will all undergo tweaks.

On top of that, his passive will no longer grant Crest of Cinders (from red buff) or Crest of Insight (from blue buff) after defeating those jungle creatures.

The biggest change on the board is for Iverns ultimate buddy, Daisy. Following this midscope update, Daisy will be granted an improved AI for when she is not being controlled by the player. She will also carry more knock-ups and can land directly on any enemy champions rooted by Iverns Q ability.

The mini-rework is expected to be very welcome for loyal Ivern players, many of whom have watched him sink lower and lower since his 2016 release.

Today, Ivern has slumped to such a low win rate in ranked League lobbies that he no longer appears on some stat-tracking websites like U.GG. He does poll on Lolaytics, but the reading isnt pretty: a 0.65 percent play rate, banned in just 0.18 percent of games, and 50th from 58 recorded junglers. Only off-role picks like Nasus, Gwen, and Teemo, and the new Neeko rework rank any lower.

The new and improved Ivern is set to release on May 31.

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