Step aside, Monopoly. Apex Legends is about to give board games a run for their money

The Apex Games are headed to a tabletop near you.

Get ready for the next era of Apex Legends. The Games are headed to a new location, but its not just any old arena in the Outlands.

Thats right: Apex is going full tabletop mode with the franchises next entry. Tabletop game studio Glass Cannon Unplugged unveiled the officially licensed Apex Legends: The Board Game today, describing it as a highly competitive, strategic, team vs. team miniatures board game played by two to four players.

Apex Legends: The Board Game’s announcement video and promotional images previewed some of the games playable pieces, including unpainted character miniatures for Gibraltar, Wraith, Bloodhound, and Bangalore, as well as additional pieces that appear to represent legend abilities, like Wraiths portal and Bloodhounds raven, Artur.

Its not just a single game, Glass Cannon Unplugged CEO Jakub Wisniewski said in the video announcement. Its a whole system designed with newcomers to the hobby in mind but crafted so that it can include organized play at some later stages. Eye-candy graphic design, state-of-the-art miniatures, seasonal releasesthats not even the beginning of what we have prepared for you.

Apex Legends: The Board Game has its own Kickstarter page, where fans can sign up to be notified when the campaign launches or when new details are announced.

Apex Legends: The Board Game isnt Glass Cannon Unpluggeds first attempt at bringing video games to the world of tabletop. The studios previous projects include Dying Light: The Board Game and Frostpunk: The Board Game, which raised more than $2.5 million in its Kickstarter campaign.

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Apex Legends was released in 2019 and has since hit all gaming platforms, including Nintendo Switch, new-gen consoles, and PC. Respawn Entertainment and EA also launched the game on mobile in May 2022 but recently announced the version of the game would be sunset on May 1less than a full year after it launched. The base version of the game, however, recently celebrated its season 16 launch last week, ushering in a new game mode, weapon, and major improvements to the battle royale.

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